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If you have ever thought you would like to take a painting class, but felt a little shaky or inexperienced, consider taking a private lesson or two. As with anything  else, one on one attention is  an ideal way to build skills and enhance your confidence. Then you can join a congenial painting group. Painting classes are a great way to make friends, learn about art, art history and the natural world, and stimulate your brain!

For more info on private lessons or to start a painting group, please contact me at lovittland@gmail.com

learn: classes and info

Students painting croton leaves.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN for my current series of watercolor classes at the Jewish Community Center in Boynton Beach, Wednesdays 9:30 am-12 pm. Ongoing. Call  561-736-4751 and speak to Lenore for more info and materials list.


Art Journaling is a way to make thoughts, feelings, dreams and goals more tangible by overlaying words and images to create powerful associations. You can use magazine photos, little treasures saved from your travels, labels from food, and found objects With the addition of a little paint. scissors, writing tools such as markers and ball point pens, and a

glue stick, your personal inner world will

emerge in your journal. Each class will take

you deeper into the process and materials

you can use. Sharing your work is

encouraged but not required.

All levels welcome. Call for materials list.

Private or group lessons are also available.

For more info please contact me at lovittland@gmail.com

REGISTRATION IS OPEN for my current series of Art Journaling classes at the Boca Raton Museum School of Art, Tuesdays 9-12 am. Starts Nov 1.
Classes last 7 weeks. Call  561-392-2503 and speak to Ann
for more info and materials list.

Instructor work

Student work


calling all craft stores and schools!

I If you are outside  your AOP demo allotment for the year, Winsor & Newton will provide supplies, literature and samples if you contact me to arrange a demo with 30-60 days in advance of your desired date. You will negotiate a fee with me and pay me directly. Check your stock. Your sales rep will work with you to make sure you have stock of the items demonstrated.

Make it a fun day!

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